An honest talent, Australian Singer/Songwriter Sarah Parsons captures artful lyrics and moving melodies that effortlessly attach themselves to the subconscious.

Sarah’s creativity is born from heartfelt life experiences shaped with flecks of imagination. She writes of love, of pain, and of the everyday extraordinary. Sarah’s songs are tinted with hope, which reflect her personal outlook.

Sitting closer to the ‘pop’ end of the spectrum, Sarah’s music easily traverses into many genres, making her work open and accessible to many.

Although happily influenced by the work of artists like Sara Bareilles, Garth Brooks, Jason Mraz and Billy Joel, Sarah is inspired more simply by individual songs, regardless of artist. Having always had such a diverse taste in music, and never committing herself to loving any one genre, Sarah has often been heard to say “I might not wear the uniform but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the music”.

With a successful career as an International Voiceover Artist and a background in Commercial Radio (Announcer/Programmer), Sarah understands what it takes to make people really listen, in fact, it’s one of her greatest strengths.

Currently in the studio recording new material, Sarah is always learning, growing and implementing new creative ideas to her music.